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The Filipino Badminton Club of Sydney (FilBCS) is an association of Filipino badminton enthusiasts who share the same passion of playing badminton with friends and families. More info

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22 Feb 2014

FilBCS Unity Cup Results A big congratulations to the winners of the FilBCS unity cup. Division 1 - Black Team, Division 2 - Red team and Division 3 - Blue Team. A job well done to the CTs for organising a smooth running event at very short notice.

01 Feb 2014

FilBCS to move to a new venue - The 2014 CTs have taken a bold move to move the club operations to a new venue. The National Badminton Centre at Silverwater. Both FilBCS Castle Hill and FilBCS Hawkesbury will be moving into the new venue as a united group.

Club games

Club Games are currently held at the National Badminton Center at Silverwater. Members and their sponsored guests are welcomed to join during the allocated session times.

General Public Guests are certainly welcome but are regulated to ensure playing time for members and their guests. Interested guests should first contact the secretariat to ensure they can be accomodated on a given session.

Sessions and Fees

Saturdays 4pm to 7pm
National Badminton Centre
172 Silverwater Rd. Silverwater
Members: Free
Sponsored Guests: $15.00

General safety and conduct

To ensure safe enjoyment of badminton by all members, Club members are expected to adhere to the following:

Courtesy please
In general, be considerate to your fellow players. Accept games with lower calibre players so they learn to improve too. Don't be afraid/timid to ask someone to play with you.
No one likes a sore loser. Members are expected to shake hands unconditionally at the end of every game. Without Exception.
Walking between courts
Please be aware of games in progress when you are walking by or between the courts.Wait until the rally is finished.
Calling lines
If you're in doubt as to whether the bird is in, on the line, or out, you should call it in favour of your opponent. Be courteous and accept line calls in the spirit that most players offer them: honestly.
Parents are advised to keep the little ones out of the Badminton court at all times to avoid any accidents.

Events overview

For the benefit of all club members, the club organises club events throughout the calendar year.

FilBCS generally holds 4 tournaments per year. Three tournaments are allocated for internal club tournaments. Once a year we hold an interstate competition against our Melbourne counterparts. Tournaments are arranged by the programs committee and a variety of formats are utilised.
Family Day
We are first and foremost a family friendly club. In this regard, the club organises at least one family day per year. Typically a scenic outdoors venue is selected for a whole day of organised games, eating, drinking and general merry making.
Christmas Party
One special day in the year is set aside for the annual Christmas Party. Generally arranged for the kids and all club members. With a set program of events we kick back, look back at the achievements and highlights of the year, give out our club awards, watch the special kid's presentations, exchange presents and enjoy each other's company in the spirit of season.

Upcoming events

FilBCS Unity Cup 2014 On Feb 22 2014 FilBCS will host it's first tournament at its new venue at the National Badnminton Centre. Members and guests are invited to participate in a new and exciting mixed team format.

League 2014

FilBCS League to launch! All members are invited to participate in the FilBCS league - contact the club secretary for more details.

How to become a member?

FilBCS Membership offers many advantages including participation in all club events, access to badminton training and the ability to sponsor guests.

Club Membership is regulated to ensure that members get adequate playing time during club sessions. Interested applicants are put on a waiting list. Membership is granted based on the session quota and an evaluation of compatability with and commitment to the club.

Members pay an ongoing monthly member's fee. Interested applicants should contact the club secretariat for more details.

Membership guidelines

Club Membership is equally a privilege to individuals as it is a commitment to the club and to all other members and guests. During all club activities and regular playing sessions, members must abide by the principles of Mutual Respect and understanding. FilBCS is first and foremost a social club with a strong emphasis on family and friends. All members should at all times be guided by the same principles: Family, friends, Mutual Respect.

Members also have responsibilities to club. These include: duly paying their membership fees, keeping the club courts clean and orderly, and highlighting and acting on safety issues at all club venues.

All current members and interested members should read the FilBCS Member Handbook and make themselves aware of club operations, expectations and general guidelines

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FilBCS-Filipino Badminton Club of Sydney
172 Silverwater Rd.
Silverwater, NSW
Sydney, Australia

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